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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Follow the Trends that Heal

Harvard Business Review came out with an article last month that basically said only 10% of people like to cook.  A couple of decades ago it was 15%.  Most people prefer to heat up convenience foods or they eat out.  The author was looking at retail trends and focused mainly on the interests of grocery stores.  He even suggested the next big market idea will involve foods that have an increased shelf life.  (And you know I will say, "Life on the shelf is not a life of health.")

Being in health care on the personal level  (person to person in a small practice), I am not interested in trends that worry corporations.  I am concerned about the health impact  affecting the individuals and families that I see. 

This is the reason I am interested in the forgotten idea of eating at home for better health.  Cooking fresh, real food is the answer.  The body cannot thrive on anything else.   When this author stated 10% of folks like to cook, that tells me the hospitals are going to get crowded.  It's not a good trend.

I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way.  We lead busy lives, but that doesn't mean our diets should suffer. Good health will be found at the kitchen table.  I am looking forward to joining you in your kitchen for an educational and entertaining time showing you how food prep can be easy and your health can be restored. 

I'm not worried about this alarming trend.  I am tackling it head on.  Join me!! 

"Dinner is better when we eat together."
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